Thursday, August 19, 2010


5PMBBT: Live Show: Matt used the Diamond Power of Veto to take himself off the block, he put Kahy up as the replacement. Bren looks pissed. Kathy was shocked to be put up.

Sunday, August 15, 2010


2pmBBT: Kathy gets up to do laundry and Enzo asks who he thinks lied Brit or Bren. Ragan says Brit is not lying. Ragan believes nothing they say.  They talk some game. Enzo agrees with what Ragan says.
2:28pmBBT: Ragan and Ezno still talking about  Rach. Ragan talking about what he said to her. Matt out of DR. Hay called in.

2:35pmBBBT: Ragan and Matt talk game. Ragan talks about final 5. Kathy and Bren in the HOH. Kathy tells Bren that Rach wants Brit and Matt gone. Matt cause he put them on the block. Kathy says Brit is the biggest threat.
3pmBBT: HG on an Outdoor LD. Bren is talking about his time out of the house. FOTH. The HG are going to do a pool tournament. Lane and Enzo talk about Matt flipping. Looks like he is out of the brigade.
3:20pmBBT: HG are on the couches doing commentary on the pool tournament. Bren lost. Hay lost. Brit is playing now.
3:50pmBBT: LD over, BB fixed a door into Taj. Bren in the HOH putting his stuff away. Brit and Ragan playing. Matt tells Hay what Ragan said to him. Kathy sleeping in Taj.
4:50pmBBT: Matt/Hay/Enzo/Lane talk about getting Bren out next week. When Matt leaves the WC, Hay and Enzo and Lane talk about getting Matt out.  Lane/Hay and Enzo are paranoid about why Matt does not care if he goes up as the replacement nom. They think that he has Kathy, Hay or Enzo, Ragan and Brit and will stay over Lane. The 3 man brigade talk about putting Ragan and Brit up if they win the next HOH, if Matt goes this week.


9AMBBT: Rachel and Kathy outside. Rach says she needs to leave Bren a message. The DR told Rach to be creative. Kathy says she will give him the message. Rach says to tell Bren to put Matt up. Ragan and Matt need to be split up. Lane is safe and needs to stay. Kathy tells Rach that Enzo believes Rach over Brit about Brit saying Enzo is the saboteur. Kathy goes to lay down. Rach is making hashbrowns and chopping veg. Lane is up and goes to the HOH with Rach. Kathy tells Rach that she does not cook and can't watch the food.

10amBBT: Rach and  Lane in the HOH. Lane tells Rach that her and Bren like Enzo,Hay and Lane. Rach does not like Matt,Ragan and Brit. Lane agrees with Rach. Lane says the house decided to send Rach home because she wanted to stay and wanted to screw her.
10:10amBBT: Rach talking about how Bren and her always had their backs against the wall. Rach is going over why Lane is up, Rach says Bren wants to make sure Ragan went home. Lane says he only trust Enzo and Hay. Lane says he is not the sab. They talk about Brit talking about him to Bren and Rach. Lane says he would like to win something. Rach asked Lane why I should give you my vote if you are in the final 2. Lane says it is not his time to win yet. Lane says he knows what Brit is saying, he has since before the Enzo sab fight last night.
10:20amBBBT: Rach says that Ragan has thrown 2 HOH comps to Matt. Lane agrees that the paint can comp for sure. Rach says Matt is getting the blood on his hands while Ragan stays cleans. Rach says once Matt is gone Ragan will crumble. Lane tells Rach that Ragan was crying when he was nominated. Rach tells Lane she would of kicked butt in the HOH comp,and would of beat Matt and Ragan. Rach and Lane convo. over. Rach in HOH still, getting ready. Brit is up and talking to Lane. Lane is telling Brit about the convo. with Rach. Lane says not to repeat this to Ragan and the Have Not group. Lane tells Brit that Rach wants Matt out. Brit tells Lane to tell Bren that, she does not want to be on the block. Brit is annoyed that Lane tells her not to repeat what he says. She says now he doubts her.
10:25amBBT: Brit tells Lane that Matt told her to tell Bren to put up Matt. Matt told her that he has the votes to stay over Lane.  Brit asks Lane if she should go suck up to Rach. Lane says no. Bren will get an ear full when he gets back.
10:40amBBT: Ragan and Lane in the Jumanji chatting. Lane says you have to kiss butt. Lane and Ragan talks about the speeches they will give Mon. Ragan will give it to Bren and not even realize it. They talk about staying in bed all day. Ragan wants Rach gone, he hopes Bren was in solitary confinement.
10:50amBBT: Ragan thinks this week will be a double eviction. Brit is showering. Ragan is sad, needs to be snapped out of it. They talk about how little time they have left. Ragan thinks this is when people smell the money and the game changes.
11amBBT: Ragan and Matt talking about when they get out of BB. Lane would stay in LA if he got an entertainment industry offer, Lane says it will not last. Ragan loves LA, but it was hard for the first year. Lane and Ragan talk about the reality shows they watch. Ragan knows 2 of the Real World cast. One was a student, Sarah and another was a gay friend.
11:10amBBT: Jumanji talking about how big a hit BB is in Canada. Ragan says it is huge. Ragan wants to go to Canada after BB. Lane telling a story of 2 Canadian girls he became friends with.
11:15amBBT: Lane and Ragan telling stories about their lifes. Lane telling a story about someone losing their arm from a boat propeller. Rach and Kathy come out of the Taj and go into the KT. All cams on the Jumanji. Ragan talking about LA traffic and is afraid of driving.
11:30amBBT: Ragan and Lane get up to get food. Brit made slop for Ragan. Rach and Kathy are not around. Brit and Ragan talking crap about Rach in the BY. FOTH. Kathy is now in the BY. Kathy says her energy is good today, Rach is not nasty. BY talking about Chima getting kicked out after she flipped out. Ragan says Rach is going to be shocked to see herself. Brit/Ragan and Kathy complained to BB about bringing Rach back. Brit says it compromised the games integrity. FOTH.
11:32amBBT: Rach is gone. Kathy is going to tell everyone. Brit and Ragan call her disguisting and say they will be mean to Rach if they go to jury house.
11:55amBBT: Ragan and Brit still talking smack about Rach. Rach is trashy, nobody wants to go to Vegas because of her. They think Kristen will annihilate her in Vegas. Talk about All-Stars. Kathy in the Taj asleep.
12:25pmBBT:  Bren is back. All the HG are up and eating. Bren talks about his time out of the house and FOTH.

12:50pmBBT: Bren and Enzo in the HOH. Enzo telling Bren what happened. Brit comes into the HOH. Kathy and Matt relaxing in the back. The feeds have been on the BY. Enzo tells Bren that Rach was mad at Brit's goodbye message. About the Ragan fight.
1:06pmBBT: They go over the Rach fight. Enzo leaves to go in the pool. Brit stays and tells Bren tht she made up with Rach.
1:10pmBBT: Brit is covering her butt in the HOH with Bren. Enzo is telling Ragan some of what Bren said. Bren says Enzo is cool and we all have talked about the saboteur. Ragan asks if Bren said his name. Enzo says no. Enzo says he has nothing to hide and does not like being called the Sab. Enzo is telling Ragan what he wants to hear.
1:20pmBBT: Bren tells Brit that Hay/Enzo and Lane want her out. Bren says she is a competitor. Tells Brit he hopes she wins HOH.
1:27pmBBT: Bren to DR. Enzo/Matt/Ragan and Brit by the pool. Matt/Ragan and Brit smack talking Bren. Enzo and I think Hay are silent.
1:55pmBBT: Kathy and Ezno are having a major bitch session about Brit. They say she gets what she wants and is a princess. She is to confident for her age. Enzo says she can't win the money. Kathy complaining about her not cleaning up. Ragan comes to sit down.  Kathy tells him that BBonly pays for one family member. Bren is outside by the pool. Ragan says trapped. Kathy and Enzo ignore him.The couch is silent now. Ragan lays down.


12-4amBBT: Brit whined about Rach lying. She never said Enzo was the Sab. Enzo asked Brit if she said that and Brit said no. Rach called Brit a liar. Brit got loud and Rach repeated herself over. Lane's name was mentioned. Brit says she does not talk about Lane, she asks for examples and Rach says she can't remember. The BY talks about Rach being in the house to cause turmoil and she is lying. Ragan comes out and Brit says Rach tried to throw me under the bus. Brit and Ragan lay in the hammock and Brit tells him that Bren will put her up now. Brit tells Ragan that she did not say that. Matt enjoyed the argument. Lane did not say anything. Brit and Ragan agree to stay away from her. Rach on the couch with Kathy and Enzo. Rach misses Bren. Rach talks about the jury house. Rach thinks America wants her and Bren together. Ragan does not want to go outside now. Lane and Brit in the hammock. Lane said he wants to wring Rach neck. Brit tells Lane she does not one of them to go to jury. Lane asks if she wants to make out, Brit says no. Lane say I don't care I have a girlfriend. Brit says sure you do. Rach tells Enzo in the KT not to trust Brit, Bren does not. Enzo and Hay in the cabana talk of getting rid of Ragan for Matt. Ragan and Matt talk about Brit or Matt going up as the replacement. Matt hopes that Bren hears about what Brit said so Bren will put her up. Matt and Ragan trust Lane more than Brit. Rach goes to bed. Enzo/Brit/Lane and Hay in the cabana ripping Rach apart for starting the drama. Brti goes to bed. Enzo/Lane and Hay talk about Matt and what Rach said. They think Matt has flipped. They think that he spends  a lot of time with Ragan and Brit. They think Brit is a liar. Hay says he trusts Bren more then Matt. Enzo does not trust Matt. Looks like the Brigade wants Matt out of the Brigade. Matt comes in and says he is getting Ragan ready to vote out Brit. Matt/Enzo and Hay work out. Lane showers. Hay showers Enzo tells Hay the flow is gone, Matt does not fit.  Enzo and Hay agree to get Kathy to vote with them. They say they will work her hard. Kathy/Enzo/Hay talk about not trusting Brit. Kathy says Bren is right she is spoiled. Enzo says they will run to Rach tomorrow to talk to her. They agree to get Brit out. Kathy goes out to smoke and Enzo follows they talk about how Brit treats Kathy like a maid, does not clean up.
4amBBT: Kathy and Enzo in BY talking about Brit. They are thinking about what to say to Bren about Brit to make him put her up instead of Matt. Enzo talks about Brit starting stuff.
4:06amBBT: Talk breaks up and Kathy and Enzo go inside and are in the WC.
4:10amBBT: HG in bed and quiet.

Rach and Ragan Fight

Rach and Ragan fight for the second time since Rach came back into the BB house. This one was the worst.

Saturday, August 14, 2010


9pmBBT: Rach and Hay in the HOH. The BY talking about jury house and eating. Rach tells Hay that Ragan and Brit are just being nice for Bren. They talk strategy about HOH comps, Kathy is a floater.Tells Hay to trust Lane and Ezno before Kathy. Rach yells at the camera and says Hay and I talk to loud in the DR. Matt/Lane playing pool.
9:10pmBBT: Rach says Bren is not the Sab. Rach says not to turn on Bren. Hay says he feels safe with Bren being the HOH.

9:33pmBBT: Rach tells Hay that Brit is trying to convince me and Bren that Enzo is the sab. Hay is asking a bunch of questions about Brit. Rach says Matt should be the replacement nom, he is good in endurance comps.
10:08pmBBT : Enzo said he will go nuts on Bren if he is the replacement nom. Says he will try to get Brit up. Rach is in the BY talking nice to all the HG about the jury house and what she thought was going to happen. Rach says the BB staff plays dumb. Rach is talking to Ragan about what happened outside BB.

10:30pmBBT: Ragan and Matt in the cabana. Kathy joins them. Ragan makes fun of Bren's wizard voice. Kathy talking about her cop stuff. Rach and Brit on the BY couches talking about her and Bren.
10:42pmBBT: Hay in cabana now.

11pmBBT: Hay is telling Enzo that Brit was trying to convince her and Bren that Enzo was the sab. Enzo is mad and is going to snap. He calls the girls the C word. They tell Lane that Brit is back stabbing him. Matt says maybe she is starting crap. Hay said to watch what they tell Enzo.
11:10pmBBT: Rach and Enzo in the HOH. Matt/Hay and Lane playing pool. Ragan in the HT. Kathy on the couches talking to Ragan. Kathy is in Rach's ear about Brit and Matt. Enzo asks if Brit said he was the sab. Rach says she said it and Bren does not think it is you.Enzo wants to snap on Brit but not sure if he should wait for Bren to come back. Rach says call a house meeting. Rach says it is nuts to do when Bren is the HOH.



3:20PMBBT: Brendon opened Pandoras box and Rach is back in the house. Bren is in the HOH. Rach and Ragan had it out and he is in the Have Not room. Rach is grilling Brit about her goodbye message. Brit is totally trying to get out of it.

3:25pmBBT: Rach is HOH with the rest of the HG. She can't hear Brendon. He is locked in the room in the HOH.  Rach is going to ask HG questions before she leaves. Rach starts to explain why BB let her back in the house and we get FOTH.
3:35pmBBT: FOTH
3:45pmBBT: Lockdown Over. HG going outside(except Ragan). HG looking for clues to unlock Bren.
3:47pmBBT: Rach and Enzo going to HOH to talk. Lane in the WC. All the HG are shocked to see Rach. Rach is asking Enzo why they could never be on the same side. HG outside. Enzo says that he is with Hay and Bren. Enzo is BS'ing Rach. Hay and Lane are in the cabana talking about their DR's. Matt comes in and tells Hay and Lane that she does not know about the Brigade, Enzo just said he is in an alliance.
3:50pmBBT: Enzo telling Rach that the house wanted Rach. gone. Rach asks if they knew Wed. night. Rach tells Enzo to stick with Hay and Bren. Enzo says he does not trust Brit. Rach says hell no. Matt/Hay and Lane still in the cabana talking about the jury house and how they are perceived by TV viewers.
3:56pmBBT: Rach and Enzo still talking about what to do to keep the alliance to the end. Ragan in the Have not. Brit not on feeds,Kahy not seen. and Lane is now not on feeds. Hay talking to Matt about Rach seeing their goodbye messages. Lane is now in the Have Not room. Lane is telling Ragan that Rach wants to talk to each of them one on one. Kathy and Brit must be in the BY yard. Lane tells Ragan that they have the highest ratings. Ragan said he did not intend to fight with her.
3:59pmBBT: Lane telling Ragan that Rach did not see his goodbye messages. Tells Ragan that Rach has 3 bodyguards that BB provided. Rach still in the HOH. Bren and Rach each get a 24 hr. vacation, her in the BB house and Bren, we do not know yet.
4:04pmBBT: Ragan is in the cabana and telling Matt that Rach came in the house with such an attitude and started throwing around insults that by the time she got to him he had seen and heard enough. He told Rach to go back to serving drinks or something smartass. Kathy and Brit in the BY talking about Brit and her anxiety this morning. Ragan talks about the jury house and its location and we get FOTH.
4:15pmBBT: Ragan says he is glad Bren is gone, so he won't back up Rach. Brit tells BB to stop the live feeds and we get FOTH. Brit/Ragan and Matt talking about how Rach loved Enzo's goodbye. Brit and Matt says they left her nice ones. Ragan says Rach only cares about TV. A lot of FOTH on and off, I think it will be like this while Rach is in the house.
4:25pmBBT: Rach says Ragan was dramatic when she entered the house and calls him a little bitch. Enzo says he is going after Brit and Ragan. Ragan calls Rach a trainwreck.
4:30pmBBT: Rach is telling Enzo that Hay is not a good game player. Tells Enzo to study for comps. Brit and Ragan in the KT making food. Enzo tells Rach that Brit and Ragan moved and hid stuff to throw off her and Bren. Ragan and Matt in the hammock. Ragan is very upset that Rach is in the house. Brit comes outside to sit on the BY  couches. Enzo says he will get thrown under the bus.
4:36pmBBT: Rach is done with Rach. Rach goes downstairs and says who is next. Matt wants to go to the HOH. Rach is tasting Brits Have Not food. Enzo telling Ragan about Rach being upset with the goodbye messages. Enzo telling he had to kiss butt, and that he and Rach have a personal problem. Rach telling Matt that she loved Brit/Matt and Ragan's reactions and it is sweet revenge.

4:44pmBBT: Rach talking to Matt about what she thinks. Hay and Enzo in the Taj talking about what Enzo told Rach. Matt is explaining why the house wanted her out, she was strong and they thought the next HOH would be a quiz. Rach says the house hates her, Matt says no. Rach says Ragan does, Matt says I can't touch that. Rach says Ragan will not talk to her. Rach is saying that this is BB history by letting her back in.
4:49pmBBT: Rach and Matt talk about Pandoras box and the Saboteur. Enzo tells Hay that he does NOT trust Matt anymore. Rach said she would of loved to do an endurance against Matt. Hay agrees with Enzo about Matt leaving is not such a bad thing. Rach telling Matt him move in putting her and Bren up is a pansy move. Matt says he is not in an alliance with Ragan. Hay and Enzo getting the story straight about why they voted for Rach instead of Bren.
4:55pmBBT: Matt telling Rach that nobody hates her. Matt keeps bringing up the 4 horsemen. Enzo tells Hay that he has fans according to Rach. Hay says he wants fans. Enzo says he can have the young girls. Enzo says he wants them all. Lane outside with Kathy and Brit.
5pmBBT: Matt and Rach talk about how she has not special power and they were mean to her. Matt says you were mean. Enzo and Matt use things to map out the people to target next. Matt,Ragan,Brit. Matt says he will not take Kathy to the end.  Enzo thinks Brit is lying about Bren thinking he is the Saboteur. Enzo is going to talk to Bren. Matt telling Rach that they are the only two playing.
5:10pmBBT: Enzo is in the cabana telling Lane what Rach said to him. Enzo is also bringing up Matt being close to Brit/Ragan. Enzo tells Lane that Rach said there is 2 girl alliance that knew each other. Enzo said that Rach told him not to trust Matt/Ragan and Brit. Enzo is trashing Brit.
5:20pmBBT: Enzo tells Lane that Rach thinks he is the saboteur. Matt and Rach still talking. Talking about there being stuff to do in the jury house and a lot of rooms and tv's. Matt is excited.
5:35pmBBT: Matt and Rach in the HOH talking still. Lane/Brit/Enzo and Kathy outside talking about what BB viewers are thinking. Matt and Rach talk about the jury house. Rach and Matt come downstairs. Kathy in the KT with Rach. Matt is telling the BY about the jury house.
5:40pmBBT: Brit tells Lane that she will cry if he leaves. He asks for a makeout party she says no, we will make friendship bracelets. Kathy is telling Rach that she was up all night, something was bothering her. Kathy thinks that Matt,Brit,Lane,Hay and Enzo were cocky after noms. so she talked to Bren in the morning about it. Brit is saying her goodbye message was nice, she did if before the BY fight. Kathy is telling Rach about her theory of Matt/Brit/Lane/Ragan alliance.
5:45pmBBT: Rach talks about Brit crying all the time. Rach says she cried but not like Brit. Kathy is saying that she is not in with the others. Kathy is crying, says she is confused. Hay and Lane are nervous about how they look. Rach said they yell a lot in the DR. Hay was in the DR for 45 min. Brit says Hays is insulted he is compared to Justin Beiber. FOTH. Kath and Rach talking still.
5:51pmBBT: Kathy says she is not in an alliance with another girl and she does not know anyone in the house. Rach says she does not know who Lane is. Kathy agrees.Ragan is telling the BY that Rach calling him the mean gay shows who she is.  Rach said Why are you such a bitch?, Is it because you are gay. Hay says she went to far.
5:56pmBBT: Matt telling the BY you get to order food, just write down what you want. Says there are video games and you can  rent movies on demand. Ragan asks if she apologized. Matt says in a round about way, she is not mad and it is over. Rach saying at the HOH that it is totally personal. Rach says she wanted to punch Brit when she saw her goodbye message. Rach says she can't wait to talk to her, PRINCESS BRITNEY. Matt is repeating his convo. to the BY. Rach is mad at Brit. Ragan is still pissed at Rach. Rach asks Kathy if she was annoyed at her saying I am Back Bitches. Brit says Rach says she does not say bitch and says it all the time. Matt tells Brit that Rach wanted an alliance with him and Bren. Brit is again talking about her goodbye message, she is freaked , says she will be neutral for now on.
6:05pmBBT: Matt is telling the BY why he put Rach and Bren up. Matt telling them they talked a lot about the jury house. Brit says Rach made a remark about Brit being the princess and Rach is the evil one. Rach told Brit that she gave her a dirty look when Rach came into the house. Brit says she is going to put Bren on the block if she wins HOH and says to Bren. Nick says thank you. Ragan says Rach was vile when she came in the house, it was attack, attack and attack. Brit says the house told her Bren won HOH. Brit does not think Rach will see Bren because she saw goodbye messages. Matt says Rach thinks Bren will be safe next week, he will win POV or not be put up.
6:10pmBBT: Enzo out of the DR. Matt is making Have Not eggplant. Hay and Lane are playing pool. Ragan on the couch. Kathy still in HOH. Enzo asked Hay if he talked to Rach yet. Rach hates Ragan and says he is going to make cookies all night and offer them to him. Kathy says there is a lot of cookies. Rach comes downstairs as Brit comes up to talk. Rach says I am making cookies and asks Brit if she wants some. Brit says I am a have not. Rach says that SUCKS. Rach laughs and tells the KT to tell Ragan that she is making cookies. Ragan tells Matt that he is not talking to her.
6:20pmBBT: Rach and Ragan fighting. Ragan tells Rach to F off. Ragan says you have a degree and are a waitress. Ragan is mocking Rach and says she lies. Rach says tell me what I lie about. Matt and Brit come outside. Ragan says everything about you is disguisting. He is ripping into her. Rach says you do not talk to your family and has no boyfriend. Rach says he cries all the time. He starts mocking her and Bren. Ragan says he would love to shove a cookie in her mouth. Rach says all you talk about is season ten of BB. Ragan makes fun of her hair and her pimples on her chin. Ragan calls her a parrott. Rach is laughing hard and Ragan keeps mocking her. Ragan says nobody likes you in this house or America. Rach says who is your friend PRINCESS F'ING BRIT. Rach tells him nobody likes him, this is a game.

6:23pmBBT: Ragan says her days of bullying him are over, that her boyfriend unleashed something evil in the house. Rach is following him and Ragan is still insulting Rach. Rach says she loves gay people and he sucks at it.Rach says what are you a theatrics major look at yourself.  Ragan says Rach will get what she deserves when she is out of the house. Ragan is screaming at her and goes inside and slams the door. Rach is standing in the BY not talking. Brit is playing pool. Kathy is on the couch smoking.
6:27pmBBT: Ragan said a lot of stuff. Rach would be embarrassed at herself after this. Rach is now going inside. Enzo asks if she is alright. Rach is telling the KT what he said. Hay says do not let it get to you. Matt is in the KT also. Enzo/Matt and Hay said they will hang out with her. Rach said that what he said was personal.

6:30pmBBT: Lane is in the KT trying to change the mood by joking around with Rach. When Rach was screaming princess Britney to Ragan. Brit did not say a word. Brit looks a little nervous. Kathy inside now. Ragan is alone in the Have Not room. Rach goes into the DR. Brit asks if she said anything. Matt and Enzo and now Lane all say they are not taking sides. Lane said Rach started it. Brit says why are you defending her Enzo. Enzo say how do I know who started it. They say that is F'ed up that she asked if he wanted cookies. Brit is annoyed, she is throwing the ice in the glass.
6:50pmBBT: All HG in the Have Not room agreeing with Ragan. Ragan says he has been through worse. Ragan says to tell Rach to leave him alone. Ragan tells the other HG that Rach will never beat him and she got him angry with the gay comment. All HG leave except Brit. Hay and Matt in the KT cooking saying they feel sorry for him. Lane in the Jumanji. Kathy is in the KT listening and not saying a word. Lane now in the KT. Ragan and Brit ripping Rach apart. Enzo in the Have Not Room. Ragan is being dramatic.
7pmBBT: Have Nots eating. Rach's cookies are burned. Rach in DR.
7:05pmBBT: Rach tells Ragan she is sorry, they go into the Taj to talk it out. Ragan apologizes to Rach. Ragan tells Rach that he hit her below the belt. He says it shows her character that she came to him and apologized to him first after getting out of the DR. Ragan says Rach felt betrayed by him and that is not the reality. Ragan says that Rach changed after the 2nd HOH and it is not all about Kristen. The other HG are eating.
7:25pmBBT: Rach and Ragan talking about the paint can HOH. Ragan says that he did not throw it and he made a deal with Matt to keep them. Ragan wants to be recognized for his game.  Ragan says Bren made him a target. Rach and Ragan hug it out. They are made up now. Ragan says Bren smoked the HOH  comp and it was the hardest comp yet.
7:30pmBBT: Brit joins the Taj and Ragan leaves. Brit and Rach talk about Brit's goodbye message. Brit said she left a nice one. Rach tells Brit she took her wearing her hair extensions and talking about tequila as mocking her. Brit says I would mock Bren if anyone. Brit says Bren apologized. Brit says she did not say goodbye and is sorry. Rach says she did not know what to do. They talk about how they became enemies. Brit says Rach was with Bren so she just started hanging with Ragan. HG outside practicing for the HOH comp.
8pmBBT: Lane/Hay napping. Brit and Rach talking about Bren not hating women. Rach talks about what she thought was going to happen when BB told her that she was going back into the BB house.Rach tells Brit that she thinks Lane is the sab. Brit says Bren thinks Enzo is(Bren thinks Lane is). Rach talks about the jury house.
8:15pmBBT: Enzo in the HT. Kathy up. Hay and Lane napping. Ragan in the DR. Kathy doing laundry. Rach thinks she will see Brendon. Brit does not know.
8:27pmBBT: Rach. tells Brit and Kathy they have good ratings and America loves Enzo. Enzo tells Hay and Lane that Matt does not hang with them. Lane says Rach thinks I am the Sab. They want to ask Rach about the sab. Matt comes outside and says he was talking to Ragan. The Brigade go over dates.
8:36pmBBT: Brigade in the BY talking about getting Brit put up. Enzo says he is going to push for it. They think Bren is coming back. Taj still talking.
8:45pmBBT: Ragan comes outside. Brit leaves the Taj. Kathy and Rach talk in the Taj. Ragan says him and Rach are ok.
8:52pmBBT: Brit in the BY. Rach and Hay in the HOH talking. All HG are in the BY. Ragan apologizes for what happened, but glad it happened.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


4PMBBT: Ragan runs into the cabana room and tells Hay/Lane and Matt that Bren was walking slow on purpose and stood in front of the door. Ragan stepped on Bren's flip flop and Bren tells Ragan, excuse you. They think Bren will start something. Cabana was talking about Rach going. Brit joins them and tells Ragan that Bren told Kathy he is over dramatic.Ragan and Brit decided to still bash Bren. Ragan now telling Enzo the Bren story. Ragan says Rachel smiled at the incident. Brit says Bren walked in front of her and she bumped into him and he just laughed when she said sorry. Bren in HT talking to Kathy about her divorce. Bren tells Kathy that Brit is a spoiled brat. Bren says she pretends to be someone she is not.Then Bren bashes Nick.
4:30pmBBT: Enzo wants to mess with the spices. Kathy runs into the cabana and tells Brit and Ragan what Bren said. Kathy telling Brit that her comments are getting to Bren. Rach says they want me gone still. Bren says he is going to turn it up. Bren and Rach bash the HG. They have not integrity. All Brit wants is to get married and have babies. They make fun of Matt's pajamas.
4:50pmBBT: Kathy comes outside to eat and Bren and Rach tell her that a HG said that Kathy hung out in the HOH to spy on them. Kahy denies it.
4:55pmBBT: Enzo and Lane in the HOH. Kathy still talking to Bren and Rach. Still denying she said that.
5:20pmBBT: Ragan goes to the HOH and bitches about Brenchel. Brit joins them and asks the guys to go downstairs with her, she is afraid of Bren and Rach. Ragan and Brit say they treat them differently when the guys are not around. Bren and Rach in the BY. Brigade plus Brit playing pool.
5:46pmBBT: Rach and Bren went inside to make dinner. The Brigade plus Brit in the BY playing dodge ball.
6:05pmBBT: Bren and Rach in the BY on a lounger eating the salad they made. Rach is feeling down that the house hates her. Bren told her not everyone is going to like you. Bren tells her that she wants everyone to like her and that is something that will never happen in life, someone will always dislike you. Lane and Hay in the KT making dinner. Brit is playing pool with Enzo. Matt is on the elliptical. Rach and Bren now talking about school, friends and life outside  BB.
6:20pmBBT: Ragan out of DR, he was laying in bed, he is depressed. Rach is crying about not being smart and telling Bren school is hard for her and she feels dumb. Lane/Brit and Hay in the KT making burgers for dinner.
6:40pmBBT: Bren and Rach go inside to lay down in the Taj. Rach told Bren she is tired of talking crap about people. Matt and Ragan doing sit ups, Matt asked Rach, she said no thanks.
7:11pmBBT: Rach and Bren napping in the Taj. all cams on them. Bren and Rach apologize to the live feeders for using the word retard. Ragan bitching to Matt about Brenchel. He does not want to be alone with them, his is afraid he will say nasty things and become the mean gay guy. Rach tells Bren her parents will love him. Kathy and Ragan talk about how to defend against Rach and Bren.  He feels like he is being bullied. Kathy says she was also, people called her a slut because she was pregnant. Ragan saying he has been catty for a couple of days.
7:20-8pmBBT: Kathy tells Enzo to not let Rach drink, she keep her up last night.Enzo in the HT. Brit and Ragan laying in the hammock. Ragan tells Brit that Bren told Kathy that she shouldered him, not the other way around.  Ragan and Brit agreee that they are more intelligent than Bren. Ragan saying he wants harmony.  They both want them gone. HG having a pool tournament.
8:15pmBBT: Hay and Matt ask Bren and Rach if they want to play pool. They says no thanks. They are laying in the Taj. All cams on them. Rach says they should get up and workout. Rach does not want to get fat. Ragan to DR.
8:40pmBBT: Bren and Enzo talk. Bren asks Enzo to vote him out. Ezno tells Bren to start so crap with Brit and Ragan and make them want to vote you out. Ragan and Matt go up to the HOH.
9pmBBT: Matt and Ragan go into the HOH and talk game. Ragan ask Matt what he thinks of being in the final 6 with him. Matt says he has not had this convo with anyone els e.

10pmBBT: Rach tried to talk to Ragan and

BB12 Live Feed Updates:

July 8th 2010:

8:59BBT: Feeds are live, a lot of laughing in the BY. Whispering with the girls Rachael,Annie and Kathy. Monet in HT With Ragan,Lane, Britney and a few others.

9:05pmBBT: Most of the HG are in the BY, either on the couches or in the HT. Enzo on the couch. Rachel in the HT now. HG have booze, so things could get interesting. FOTH, one of the HG did a shout out.

9:10pm-9:30pmBBT: Annie is whispering about Enzo to Kathy. Said he had a baby penis and is a POS. Andrew pulled up Annie's blanket and she is pissed and feels violated. Monet is on the couch listening to them and agrees. Annie and Kathy love Ragan. Ragan is a have not.

9:30-10:30pmBBT: Enzo,Lane and Matt want Andrew out. Enzo talks to Andrew listens to what he has to say about everyone walking away when he comes in the room. Everyone loves everyone. Enzo bathmouting Andrew to Annie. Enzo, Lane Matt and Britney talk about Rachel. They agree she will take Brendon off the block if she wins. Britney,Lane,Enzo and Matt seem to be in some sort of alliance. Andrew has been named CAPTAIN OBVIOUS because they all think he is the saboteur. Brendon seems to get on a few peoples nerves. Monet and Kathy agree that Annie will say whatever you want to hear. Monet and Kathy saying they can't stand Annie. Annie is all over Hayden per Monet.

10:30-11pmBBT: Andrew and Kathy talking on the couches about Annie. HT crew talking about Justin Beiber. Andrew said Annie is making him look bad, trying to convince Kathy to go with him. Britney and Monet say they have Lane wraped up. Enzo tells Lane he does not trust Andrew, thinks he would throw them under the bus in a minute. Again we will have to hear thrown under the bus all season. Ezno thinks BB is the saboteur and none of them are a saboteur. The saboteur put X's on HG photos. Andrew says her wants to eliminate all the women except Kathy and Kristen.

11pmBBT: Matt,Enzo,Lane playing pool. Enzo mad that Andrew is telling everyone in the house that he is in a gang. Matt said he used to beat off to Showtime and now he is on it. Enzo saying the house is going to get crazy fast. He seems to say what is on is mind. Enzo that people need to be picked off now, he can't wait till the POV. Enzo saying that Kathy and Monet are together. Says Monet was crying about how Rachel reacted when she picked her for POV. Calling the Green Leaf Wallpaper room the Jumanji Room. Britney and Monet in KT. Monet goes outside. Britney eating. Lane in the KT getting something to drink. He tells Britney he lost at pool. Andrew and Kathy on the couch. Andrew asking Monet if she cooked on a sheet to make sure it is kosher still. Matt and Lane covered the pool table and are inside now.

11:10pmBBT: Kristen a HAVE NOT. going to ask BB for a blender. Enzo in HOH with Matt and Hayden. Short FOTH. Andrew to DR. Enzo seem to be a real force in the house right now.

11:20pmBBT: Listening to HOH convo. with THE BOYS. Hightlights Kristen is a wild card, threatened by Brendon and Rachel. Like Annie more than Rachel. Andrew is the saboteur. Want Annie out quick by week 3, BD or jut put up. Matt says if Brendon stays fool him into thinking he is safe and family. Matt does not think he or Enzo should be HOH next. Enzo talking about the gang comment Andrew made.

11:30pmBBT: Rachel in HOH. Hayden went downstairs. Ragan in KT. Britney in KT. Kristen also, waiting for pizza. Brendon,Andrew and Rachel seem to be the odd HG out.
11:35pmBBT: Andrew bitching about not having any Kosher Ice Cream. Hayden says he can have some of his Ben and Jerrys. Brendon in the KT. Ragan smelling the food. Andrew talking about kosher food. Britney in BY with Kathy and Monet and Lane. Monet to DR. A lot of HG complaining about the late DR's. Brit,Lane,Kathy trying to figure out the schedule. The HG are saying they have been in the house for 5 days. Talk of Brendon taking himself off the block if he wins. Lane doubts he can win. Kathy saying he will fight hard. Switched to HOH with Enzo,Matt and Rachel. Four or Five HG are yawning. Brendon in the HOH also. More talk of Kristen being a dark horse in the HOH. Annie in the BY seems to be freaking out.

11:45pmBBT: Annie saying Andrew was bitching about making cookies and pizza on a sheet and now it is ruined. Kathy complaining obout how he comes on to her and gets in her space. Lane is just listening. Annie runs inside. Britney just listening. Calling him creepy.

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